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List of Disney Channel Original Movies

Follow along with us as we go through all of these amazing Disney Channel Original Movies, starting from 1997.




Under Wraps


October 25, 1997



1998 You Lucky Dog June 27, 1998 N/A
Brink! August 29, 1998 N/A
Halloweentown October 17, 1998 3.4 [11][12]
1999 Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century January 23, 1999 N/A [11]
Can of Worms April 10, 1999 N/A
The Thirteenth Year May 15, 1999 N/A
Smart House June 26, 1999 N/A
Johnny Tsunami July 24, 1999 N/A
Genius August 21, 1999 N/A
Don’t Look Under the Bed October 9, 1999 N/A
Horse Sense November 20, 1999 N/A
2000 Up, Up, and Away January 22, 2000 N/A
The Color of Friendship February 5, 2000 N/A
Alley Cats Strike March 18, 2000 N/A
Rip Girls April 22, 2000 N/A
Miracle in Lane 2 May 13, 2000 N/A
Stepsister from Planet Weird June 17, 2000 N/A
Ready to Run July 14, 2000 N/A
Quints August 18, 2000 N/A
The Other Me September 8, 2000 N/A
Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire October 13, 2000 N/A
Phantom of the Megaplex November 10, 2000 N/A
The Ultimate Christmas Present December 1, 2000 N/A
2001 Zenon: The Zequel January 12, 2001 N/A
Motocrossed February 16, 2001 N/A
The Luck of the Irish March 9, 2001 N/A
Hounded April 13, 2001 N/A
Jett Jackson: The Movie June 8, 2001 N/A
The Jennie Project July 13, 2001 N/A
Jumping Ship August 17, 2001 N/A
The Poof Point September 14, 2001 N/A
Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge October 12, 2001 6.1 [12]
‘Twas the Night December 7, 2001 N/A
2002 Double Teamed January 18, 2002 N/A
Cadet Kelly March 8, 2002 7.8 [13][14]
Tru Confessions April 5, 2002 N/A
Get a Clue June 28, 2002 N/A
Gotta Kick It Up! July 26, 2002 N/A
A Ring of Endless Light August 23, 2002 N/A
The Scream Team October 4, 2002 N/A
2003 You Wish! January 10, 2003 N/A
Right on Track March 21, 2003 N/A
The Even Stevens Movie June 13, 2003 5.1 [15]
Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off July 18, 2003 N/A
The Cheetah Girls August 15, 2003 6.5 [16][17]
Full-Court Miracle November 23, 2003 N/A
2004 Pixel Perfect January 16, 2004 N/A
Going to the Mat March 19, 2004 N/A
Zenon: Z3 June 11, 2004 N/A
Stuck in the Suburbs July 16, 2004 3.7 [18]
Tiger Cruise August 6, 2004 N/A
Halloweentown High October 8, 2004 6.1 [12][19][20]
2005 Now You See It… January 14, 2005 N/A
Buffalo Dreams March 11, 2005 N/A
Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama April 8, 2005 N/A [11]
Go Figure June 10, 2005 N/A
Life Is Ruff July 15, 2005 N/A
The Proud Family Movie August 19, 2005 N/A
Twitches October 14, 2005 7.0 [21]
2006 High School Musical January 20, 2006 7.7 [22][23]
Cow Belles March 24, 2006 5.8 [24]
Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior June 16, 2006 5.7 [24]
Read It and Weep July 21, 2006 6.5 [24]
The Cheetah Girls 2 August 25, 2006 7.8 [25][16][17]
Return to Halloweentown October 20, 2006 7.5 [12][26]
2007 Jump In! January 12, 2007 8.2 [24][27][28]
Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board June 8, 2007 N/A
High School Musical 2 August 17, 2007 17.2 [29][30]
Twitches Too October 12, 2007 6.9 [31]
2008 Minutemen January 25, 2008 6.5 [32]
Camp Rock June 20, 2008 8.9 [33][34][35][36][37]
The Cheetah Girls: One World August 22, 2008 6.2 [38]
2009 Dadnapped February 16, 2009 4.6 [39]
Hatching Pete April 24, 2009 4.1 [40]
Princess Protection Program June 26, 2009 8.5 [41]
Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie August 28, 2009 11.4 [42][43]
2010 Starstruck February 14, 2010 6.0 [44]
Den Brother August 13, 2010 3.7 [45]
Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam September 3, 2010 7.9 [46]
Avalon High November 12, 2010 3.8 [47]
2011 The Suite Life Movie March 25, 2011 5.2 [48][49]
Lemonade Mouth April 15, 2011 5.7 [50][51]
Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure[Note 1] May 22, 2011 4.9 [54][55]
Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension August 5, 2011 7.6 [56]
Geek Charming November 11, 2011 4.9 [57]
Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! December 2, 2011 6.9 [58]
2012 Frenemies January 13, 2012 4.2 [59]
Radio Rebel February 17, 2012 4.3 [60]
Let It Shine June 15, 2012 5.7 [61][62]
Girl vs. Monster October 12, 2012 4.9 [63][64]
2013 Teen Beach Movie July 19, 2013 8.4 [65][66]
2014 Cloud 9 January 17, 2014 5.0 [67][68]
Zapped June 27, 2014 5.7 [69]
How to Build a Better Boy August 15, 2014 4.6 [70]
2015 Bad Hair Day February 13, 2015 4.0 [71][72]
Teen Beach 2 June 26, 2015 5.8 [73]
Descendants July 31, 2015 6.6 [74]
Invisible Sister October 9, 2015 4.0 [75]
2016 Adventures in Babysitting June 24, 2016 3.4 [76]
The Swap October 7, 2016 2.6 [77]
2017 Tangled: Before Ever After[Note 2] March 10, 2017 2.9 [79]
Descendants 2

Chronological Order of Episodes


Ep. 1- Under Wraps

In the very first episode of "Poddin' This Together," Josh, Lauri, & Sami discuss the very first official Disney Channel Original Movie: Under Wraps! Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:  


2.8 – Billboard Dad (1998)

You've been asking for it! It's Mary-Kate and Ashley month! This week we take a dive into one of our favorite MK&A movies, Billboard Dad! If we learned anything from rewatching this, it's that Los Angeles is a cool place to live, not just visit.

Ep. 4- Halloweentown

  It's Halloween in May on this episode of Poddin' This Together, when Josh, Lauri, & Sami discuss the spooky DCOM classic, Halloweentown!

Ep. 3- BRINK!

Grab your rollerblades & listen to the third episode of "Poddin' This Together," where Josh, Lauri, & Sami discuss the third DCOM, "BRINK!" Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: EMAIL:...

Ep. 2- You Lucky Dog

  In the second episode of "Poddin' This Together," Josh, Lauri, & Sami discuss the second DCOM, "You Lucky Dog." Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: EMAIL:


ReWatch- Zenon!

About two years ago, we watched the beloved Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Now this week, after putting our DCOM watching fate in your hands we gave it another go! Do we love it as much as last time? What does new(er) addition Andoni have to say? Listen to find out,...

Ep. 12- Horse Sense feat. The Tele-Friends

Are your HORSE SENSEs tingling? This week the Tele-Friends​ join us to discuss the 12th Disney Channel Original Movie "Horse Sense," and teach us all a whole lot about Mr. Joseph Lawrence. Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:...

Ep. 11- Don’t Look Under the Bed

Transport yourself directly into the Boogie-Dimension with episode eleven of Poddin' This Together! This week we discuss a #DCOM so spooky it got pulled from rotation! "Ep. 11- Don't Look Under the Bed" is out now! Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK:

Ep. 10- GENIUS

What kind of kid super genius would pass up Harvard? Check out "Ep. 10- Genius," to find out all about the pre-teen, the myth, the Legend- Charlie Boyle AKA Chaz Anthony. Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: EMAIL:...

Ep. 9- Johnny Tsunami

The surf's up with episode 9! This week we're heading to Hawaii and the notoriously(?) snowy Vermont to talk about Johnny Tsunami! Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: EMAIL:

Ep. 8- Smart House

The pod is JUMPIN' this week with "Ep. 8- Smart House." Join the hosts as they discuss this SUPER high-tech, SUPER futuristic DCOM gem from 1999. Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: EMAIL:...

Ep. 7- The Thirteenth Year

It's time to grab your snorkels & flippy floppies because "Ep. 7- The Thirteenth Year" is here! Is this a DCOM about a half man ghost boat, or a merman? Listen to find out! Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

Ep. 6- Can of Worms

The 6th episode of Poddin' This Together has arrived! Listen as Josh, Lauri, & Sami discuss the alien-filled DCOM, "Can of Worms"!       Follow Us On Social: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: EMAIL:...

Ep. 5- Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

The 5th episode of Poddin' This Together will make your heart go BOOM BOOM BOOM, when Josh, Lauri, & Sami discuss the out of this world DCOM classic, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century


2.6 – Battle Royale (2000)

This week Josh and Lauri super intentionally celebrate the 20th anniversary of BATTLE ROYAL. Listen as we discuss what happens when Takeshi Kitano takes a group of underperforming students on an even more extreme elimination challenge.  

Pitch Hunt Takeover: Quints

Please welcome the hosts of the podcast Pitch Hunt, as they take over our jobs for a week! A long time ago, Poddin' This Together recorded an episode discussing the hit movie 'Quints'. The audio files were destroyed, and the podcasters had agreed to never speak of...

Ep. 23- The Ultimate Christmas Present

This week we're joined by guest host Brandon to discuss nobody's favorite Christmas movie, "The Ultimate Christmas Present."  It features a creepy Santa, some creepy elves, and a creepy weatherman. This movie toes the line of being a horror movie. Seriously, the...

Ep. 22- Phantom of the Megaplex

  What happens when you have a big(ish) movie premiere at the megaplex? SHENANIGANS...and tugging? This Disney Channel Original Movie is filled with twisters, giant dragons, and a weird forced marriage subplot.   "Ep. 22- Phantom of the Megaplex" is out now! Find...

Ep. 21- Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire

In "Ep. 21- Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire" we find out that Halloweentown may not be the peak of Disney Halloween flicks, discuss the dangers of online dating, and talk about the importance loving yourself. Find us on Social Media! FACEBOOK:

Ep. 20- The Other Me

Disney delivered ANOTHER #DCOM featuring a Lawrence brother. This time we follow a kid who accidentally clones himself, touches a bunch of grandpa face, and LOVES pizza. "Ep. 20- The Other Me," is out now!   Find us on Social Media! FACEBOOK:

Ep. 19- Ready to Run

This week we discuss "Ready to Run," another Disney Channel Original Movie from 2000. In this movie, we meet Corrie, a young girl who shovels horse crap everyday waiting for her chance to jockey. After buying loving horse for a bag of peanuts (yes,...

Ep. 18- Stepsister from Planet Weird

  We found a hidden gem with this week's episode where we discuss the 18th Disney Channel Original Movie "Stepsister from Planet Weird." This is the movie where a 13 year old girl has to deal with her mom marrying a soda-loving alien named Cosmo Cola. We also...

Ep. 17- Miracle in Lane 2

This week we're talking "Miracle in Lane 2," the 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Frankie Muniz. Don't let the first 3/4ths of the movie deceive you, this is the one about a Soap Box Derby. Also featuring: strawberry massage oil(?!?), a Christina Aguilera...

Ep. 16- RIP Girls

What's that, ANOTHER surfing movie? This week we laugh, we cry, we sing, and most importantly discuss the sixteenth Disney Channel Original movie. Will Sydney sign away her friend's surf spot, or give up millions(?) of dollars and move her family across the ocean?...


2.1 SHREK (2001)

Some-BODY once told me, cabbage was the most romantic vegetable....This week Brandon & Lauri discuss the 2001 sensation SHREK.  

Nickelodeon Summer- Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

BRAIN BLAST! Nickelodeon Summer Takeover continues with Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius! What would YOU invent if you could invent anything? Listen as Andoni, Josh, and Brandon give terrible examples of what they would invent!

Meg Cabotathon- The Princess Diaries

In preparation for next week's Avalon High episode, we watched another Meg Cabot tale...The Princess Diaries! Listen in as we declare basically every single part of this movie our favorite part of this movie.

Ep. 33- ‘Twas the Night

Missing Christmas? This episode is just for you! We've got songs, Bryan Cranston, and more songs. Also, yet another #DCOM where they say the title at least twice throughout the movie. What more could you want?   Facebook! Twitter! Email!  

Ep. 32- Halloweentown II

Join us for the seasonally appropriate discussion of Halloweentown II! Do you know the main characters name? Because we sure do! We've got some thematic SPOOKY audio fuzzies. Definitely on purpose, for ambiance. Facebook! Twitter! Email!        ...

Ep. 31- The Poof Point

This week we watch The Poof Point, brought to us by the same dude who wrote DCOM classics such as Zenon, Smart House, and Phantom of the Megaplex. Does it live up to those? Can Josh, Lauri, & Sami make it through this discussion? DOES THIS MOVIE HAVE A PLOT?...

Ep. 30- Jumping Ship

When we watched "Horse Sense" many episodes ago we wanted NOTHING more than more Lawrence Bros pretending to not be brothers. Thankfully Disney delivered. Join us for the return of Sami's Horse Corner, and listen until the end for the Poddin' This Together premiere of...

Ep. 28- Jett Jackson: The Movie

In this episode we discuss the first DCOM based on a Disney Channel Original Series, Jett Jackson. In this one Jett gets shocked after soda is spilled and switches places with his fake spy self. Think Parent Trap meets Wizard of Oz meets....lukewarm spy thriller....

Ep. 27- Hounded

Ready for the DCOM that got one of the worst average rating we've given yet? Listen as Josh, Lauri & Sami spiral into sad sad confusion while they talk about a movie about some really misleading nepotism, a supposed to be comedic Cujo like Pomeranian, and...


Ep. 40 – The Scream Team

We found another hidden gem, featuring Kat Dennings and Eric Idle. Are the good #DCOMs just Kidz Bop versions of regular movies? Did we find yet another spooky movie we like more than Halloweentown? Basically. Is our new motto "Burn a book, save a town"? Absolutely...

Ep. 39- Ring of Endless Light

Vicky-Susan-Misha is half dolphin, half girl, half lighthouse, and 0% scientist. Join us and guest Andoni as we talk about the #DCOM Ring of Endless Light. Starring Misha Barton the sleeveless bad-boy Jared Padalecki, and more Ryan Merriman. Facebook! Twitter! Email!...

Ep. 38- Gotta Kick it Up!

Join us and a guest this week for GOTTA KICK IT UP. The DCOM level Bring it On, featuring America Ferera, and Susan Egan's wig.   Facebook! Twitter! Email!          

Ep. 37- Get a Clue

When a teacher goes missing and the FBI can't solve the case, it's up to professional gossip columnist Lindsey Lohan and her friends to get to the bottom of things. The hosts spend a lot of time reminiscing about tech of the past, fashion is discussed extensively,...

Ep. 36- Tru Confessions

Join us as we travel back to 2002 so we can meet Tru(dy) and her family. They all respect each other a whole bunch and treat each other really nice. As an added bonus, we get some more pre-Transformers Shia in his second to last (maybe?) appearance on our podcast....

Ep. 35- Cadet Kelly

Cadet Kelly tells the story of an enthusiastically artistic NYC teenager (HILARY DUFF) getting sent to military school when her mom remarries. Is this the start of another golden age of DCOMs? We hope so.   Facebook! Twitter! Email!

Ep. 34- Double Teamed

Before there was 30 for 30, there was Double Teamed. The DCOM telling of a true story of two VERY TALL twin girls who are SO TALL that they don't even have to try out for their new school's basketball team. Facebook! Twitter! Email!  

That’s It

That’s as far as we’ve gotten. Hey look it takes time okay. We can only watch so many DCOMs in a week!