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We’re Gonna Watch

– A Disney Channel Movie –

Join Josh, Lauri, Sami, Brandon, & Andoni as they rewatch, recount, and rediscover the magic of all of those Disney Channel Original Movies that you either loved or hated. Or more likely, completely forgot about. They talk about what went wrong, what went right, how Brink could save the world. Feel like experiencing a blast from the past? You can follow along with us and rewatch your favorites, or you know…let us watch them so you don’t have to.

Latest Episodes

Ep. 82- Lemonade Mouth

  This week we're joined by @birdneydraws for the beloved DCOM- LEMONADE MOUTH! Listen as we reminisce about the good and bad of being weird art kids in high school, and talk....sports milk....

Ep. 81- The Suite Life Movie

We're back at it with the DCOMs after a couple of weeks of. This week we tackle the DCOM adaptation of the Suite Life!

ReWatch- Zenon!

About two years ago, we watched the beloved Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Now this week, after putting our DCOM watching fate in your hands we gave it another go! Do we love it as much as last...

2nd PodBirthday- The Lizzie McGuire Movie

For our podcast's second birthday we wanted to revisit a movie that is kind of the source of our podcast's existence! That said, it is important that we make a couple things clear. We love Hilary...

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